What to do after IT audit

If you’re wondering whether the grass is greener or whether your current role is still the one for you, here are the top places IT audit can lead you to.

  • IT Operations
    Operational roles often attract, particularly operational IT audit staff who have retained their skills and knowledge. Keep your skill sup to date, and move into areas like computer operations, service desk, database administration, systems and software development, testing… or whatever you’re interested in. You’ll take with you a much wider understanding of the business you operate in and a different perspective.
  • IT Management
    If you’re an IT audit manager, why not do what many finance auditors do… and move into operational management. Head up a team or department within IT, and see how the world looks from the other side. Of course you can always move back to audit later, perhaps at a higher level, with operational experience few others will have.
  • Information Security
    All IT auditors look at security – we call it confidentiality, and it sits alongside integrity and availability in all that lovely theory. Information Security roles let you specialise in security, and you’ll bring technical knowledge as well and risk and policy focus to the role.
  • Operational Audit
    Fancy something different with a wider business focus? If you moved to IT audit from general audit, you can always look back – perhaps by looking for a step up at the same time.
  • Consultancy
    If you want to see a lasting impact and be part of leading the change rather than monitoring it, but like the multiple clients and independent perspective that audit brings, consider consultancy. Why not tell your clients how to do something, instead of how to stop it going wrong?
  • Senior Management
    Well, it’s possible (though I’ve never known it happen). However, more than likley you’ll have to have somewhere else first. Senior Audit management might be an option, particuarly if you have a general or financial audit background.


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